Turbocharge your
E-com Email Marketing

Boost your Email Marketing x2-4 with nerdy automations and gorgeous emails.


We maximize your e-com email marketing potential.

Nerdy email funnels that work

With advanced multi-step automations we maximize your Email funnel results.

Most of our partners generate 30% Share of Revenue – month after month – ONLY from the automation funnels we built for them.

Work smarter with segmentation ​

The most successful e-com businesses use segmentation to send the most relevant messages to the most interested audience.

We help you leave mass sendouts to your whole email list in the past and increase your newsletter performance by working smarter.

We help you go beyond Email

Email marketing is your main attack. Agreed.

But you can also incorporate SMS and push notifications in your armoury to FULLY capture your audience’s eyeballs and bring them to your e-com store. 

CLVmaxers Reviews

What our past customers say about us

Playful Pets AUS

Email Automation Setup

“Thanos Antoniou from CLVmaxers has proven to be an exceptional asset in our email marketing endeavors, especially with his recent work on our OmniSend campaigns. 

His expertise shone through in the complexity and thoroughness of the action plan he developed, tailored precisely to our needs. Impressively, he integrated advanced features like push notifications on our website and SMS marketing, which significantly boosted our sales. His approach to marketing is not just strategic but also highly effective, leading to immediate and tangible results.”

Mahmoud, Playful Pets


Purrified Air

Automation Funnel Optimization

“I hire different people for different internet business-related needs frequently. 

I have had lots of failures, a bunch of so-sos, and very few excellent folks who did way more than I asked for, mainly because I didn’t know what they did was even possible. 

Thanos is most definitely in this last group.”

Bob Gordon, Purrified Air

Couture For You

Email Automation Setup / Email Newsletter / Sender Reputation Improvement

“I signed up for an Omnisend expert to get help with my email marketing.

Thanos approach and the work that he did for other clients convinced me to give him a try…

He has gone above and beyond for my brand Couture For You.

We ran into so many issues and he didn’t give up he kept working until the problem was resolved.

We have been working together for the past 90 days and my click and online sales have increased a lot. I’m most certainly happy to have Thanos on my team.”

Malika Baker, Couture For You


The email marketing results your e-com brand deserves.


The fine art of email promotions

Portfolio 1

A newsletter is a the most straightforward and effective way to reach your full customer basis. 

Grab their attention with newsletters that work like magic.


Automation Flows 

Sending emails that work behind the scenes

portfolio 2

Having the right automations means reaching your customers when they need you the most…

When they abandon their cart.

When they just subscribed on your newsletter.

Or when they need a small nudge to check your latest arrivals.

All that. In autopilot.



Reaching the right customers

Portfolio 3

When it comes to emails what matters the most is not quantity.

But quality.

Segmented campaigns can bring x2 the Open Rates and up to x3 the Click Rates vs a broad newsletter to your whole email list.


Email Marketing Packages

Pick your package depending on your business goals.


One-time setup

Best-performing email automation flows to make sure that you have a solid base.

High sign-up rate pop-ups that jumping from the screen.

Stunning-looking templates for your Email, SMS and Push newsletters.

Advanced segmentation to go beyond mass-sendouts.


Monthly Package

Beep boop. Our most advanced email marketing package.

We deliver super-relevant emails to hyper-targetted segments in your customer base depending on their spot on their customer journey.

Perfect for e-com businesses that need to go the extra mile with their email marketing.

CLVmaxers Bio

A few words about us. 

logo clvmaxers

Our vision

We want to maximize your Customer Lifetime Value. To get as much out of your every customer as possible.

We put together personality-bursting email campaigns, eye-grabbing pop-ups, and nerdy automations to take your store’s email marketing to the next level. 

Say goodbye to average and get ready to turbocharge your email results by up to +400%.

Who are we?

With 8+ years of experience in several Swedish companies, we know how email marketing truly works and we are here to prove it to you.

Who are we?

Email nerds and automation fanatics.

We are good at what we do because we love it. And vice versa.

Get ready to witness the magic that happens when true expertise meets unwavering dedication.

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